Flank Steak (also good for london broil, skirt steak, etc.)

This is my mother's recipe. I have run into a couple of occasions when it would be a great thing to cook but I'm away from home (and Mom's not around), so I've included it here. It takes some advance preparations, but it's worth it. Great for a cookout with a bunch of people when you aren't in the mood for burgers.

Ingredients (for marinade):


(Note: If you don't have the time to follow the listed waiting periods, you can just mix everything together and marinade the meat as long as you can.   We've made flank steak where we skipped the 1 day refrigeration step completely and let the meat soak for only a few hours and it turned out fine.   Longer is better, but don't let that stop you.)

Tupperware sells a great container to marinade the meat; it seals and lets you flip the whole thing over to get both sides.

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