Stelios' Baklava

(To be honest, Stelios hasn't made this for us, but it's based on a recipe from one of his favorite restaurants.  He makes other dishes that are fantastic, so I'm giving him credit for this one.)

This one takes some time and patience, but it comes out great.  I've made the same mistakes a few times and it still tastes good.  Debbie tells the story of how I stayed up until 3:00 AM making baklava, but the truth is that it was closer to 2:00.



Possible problem areas are: having the fillo dry out (cover it with wax paper and a damp towel), running out of butter (I do this every time!), and starting too late.   The whole process, from clarifying the butter to pouring the syrup and going to sleep, usually takes me 4-5 hours.  It should take less, but that would make it too easy.

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