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For a 40th birthday gift, Andy and I spent a day at the Skip Barber driving school at Lime Rock Park in CT.  It was a blast!


Yes, of course this is my Viper:

I spun this car off the track into the dirt! (4/02)

Andy looked good behind the wheel:

Look at that grin! (4/02)

Actually, he must have gotten it up to 30 MPH on the autocross:

Andy driving the Viper on the autocross (4/02)

The Neon was also fun to drive around the course, as well as practicing braking and lane changes:

Slamming on the Neon's brakes (4/02)

Andy was good with braking, but the Dakota on the skid pad was a different story:

Dakota spinning on the skid pad (4/02)


If you get the chance to go, I'd recommend it highly.  I wish we had more time and money...

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