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We went to Germany, Italy, and France for a couple of weeks.


Our first stop was Munich, where Claire and Sam had a good time together:

claire-sam-munich.jpg (26742 bytes)


Here's the van before we start the drive from Munich to Bellagio (and the van, before the accident):

leaving-munich.jpg (35395 bytes)


Waking up in Bellagio, the kids relax on the bed:

kids-in-bellagio.jpg (28499 bytes)


Ben was raring to get a start on the day:

ben-bellagio.jpg (32512 bytes)


We were looking for a swimming pool and found a place to play.  Claire liked jumping on the huge inflatable slides:

claire-jumping-bellagio.jpg (25620 bytes)


Meanwhile, Ben rested:

ben-snoozing-bellagio.jpg (39867 bytes)


Claire rested on the ride between Italy and France:

claire-snoozing-van.jpg (31428 bytes)


In Lyon, Claire rode a pig on a carousel with Grandmom:

claire-carousel-lyon.jpg (34717 bytes)


In case you thought that Ben didn't get baths, a big tub welcomed him to Lyon:

ben-bath-lyon.jpg (31563 bytes)


On to Remuzat in Provence:

remuzat-front.jpg (25397 bytes)


The rear of the bed and breakfast:

remuzat-rear.jpg (28668 bytes)


Pop-pop and Hanna had some fun together:

peeps-hanna-remuzat.jpg (33048 bytes)


42 bottles of wine on the floor, 42 bottles of wine... (it was a long party):

remuzat-bottles.jpg (30333 bytes)


Claire kept an eye on Ben while the rest of us partied:

claire-ben-remuzat.jpg (33830 bytes)


There was a living statue at one of the markets.  If you gave him money, he would move (kind of going against the statue premise, but...).  The girls got kisses and flowers for their coins:

claire-living-statue.jpg (23983 bytes)


At the Roman amphitheater, Claire decided that she needed to climb down to the stage and sing a few songs.  She was a big hit:

claire-on-stage.jpg (20234 bytes)


Ben made out like a bandit in the shops of Aix (all shops everywhere, actually):

ben-aix-2.jpg (37741 bytes)


The girls got new rain hats and thought it would be fun to stand next to a boar:

claire-hanna-boar.jpg (38497 bytes)


The girls caught Peeps in Marseilles:

claire-hanna-peeps-marseille.jpg (41240 bytes)


Ben had a good time in Avignon, too (looking a bit like Steve McGarrett, maybe Kono):

ben-avignon.jpg (36721 bytes)


We took turns going on the carousels with the girls.  This was Uncle Joel's turn, and everyone had a good ride:

Uncle Joel, Hanna, and Claire in Avignon (9/00)


For some reason, no one recognized the movie stars:

claire-hanna-shades.jpg (27842 bytes)


Wherever we went to a market, this group from Ecuador seemed to be playing.  We caught the beginning of their set in Avignon.  It was a normal scene, before a group of Italian tourists came and started dancing with the performers:

ecuador-band.jpg (29533 bytes)


Joel and I decided to join in, along with our passengers:

ecuador-band-dancing.jpg (32487 bytes)


Some people got some sleep on the way home:

deb-claire-flight-home.jpg (37621 bytes)

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