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We had a wedding in San Diego in August 2002, so we took the week and drove up the coast to San Francisco, with a few stops along the way.


Ben running around at the rehearsal dinner:

Running at the rehersal dinner (8/02)

The ladies, dressed for the main event:

The ladies, all dressed up (8/02)

The kids enjoyed the reception as much (or more) as the adults:

The table at the wedding (8/02)

Claire looked great in her wedding dress:

Claire in her dress (8/02)

She also danced more than anyone, although it was tiring to be her partner:

Claire and Poppop "dancing" (8/02)

A cake for their 43rd anniversary:

43rd anniversary (8/02)

This Legoland is great - let's go:

Cool dude at Legoland (8/02)

Not sure if he's going up or down:

Going up or down? (8/02)

The beautiful coastline (but don't get too close to the edge):

A view from the roadside of Big Sur (8/02)

Claire and Doreen taking a plane ride:

Claire and Doreen taking a ride (8/02)

Ben rode the horse all by himself:

Ben on the horse (8/02)

So did Claire, but it wasn't as big an accomplishment for her at 5:

Claire on the horse (8/02)

In Golden Gate Park, Claire got to ride the carousel:

Golden Gate Park carousel (8/02)

We all took a walk in Muir Woods with Debbie and Brian:

Muir Woods with Debbie and Brian (8/02)

The redwoods were big enough to stand in:

Standing in the redwood (8/02)

Ben looked pretty cute there:

Ben in the tree (8/02)

Both kids climbed into a tree:

They crawled into a tree at Muir Woods (8/02)
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