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The Horwitz family took a trip to Israel in September 1997.  Claire was about three months old, and as everyone had been to Israel before, most of the pictures we took were of her (here's Claire being changed, here's Claire being cute, here's Claire in front of a famous place, etc.)....

Here's the whole family on Masada:

israel1.JPG (23867 bytes)

We took turns carrying Claire.  This was Mommy's turn:

israel4.JPG (27318 bytes)

Another picture of Claire with the things she loves:

israel3.JPG (14178 bytes)

We borrowed a stroller for a while while visiting friends in Herzalia:

israel2.JPG (23638 bytes)


I tried flying in the Airodium in Eilat.  The whole thing took a long time, and this is my most successful (judge for yourself) flight.  I've since tried it again in New Hampshire, with better resuts (they must have a more powerful fan), but here was my first time:

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