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The biannual family trip in 2002 was to the Canadian Rockies.  We started in Edmonton and stayed in Jasper for a few days, then went to Lake Louise for a few days, then to Calgary for the flight home.


For people who like wildlife, we saw a lot, like this bear:

Bear by the road (6/02)


Claire and Hanna are ready to set off in the canoes:

Canoing girls (6/02)


The rest of the family was enjoying the lake:

Paddling slowly (9/02)


Emerald Lake was pretty gorgeous:

Emerald Lake (6/02)


Grandmom and granddaughters having fun on top of the mountain:

Helen and the girls (6/02)


Helen and Hal with their grandchildren:

Grands (6/02)


Apropos name for a shop:

Shopping in Lake Louise (6/02)


Hal, Debbie, and Helen in the woods:

Debbie and parents in Canada (6/02)

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