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My car came with a Weber DGV carburetor.  I was looking more low-end power, so I put in a pair of SU HIF-4 carbs from a 1973 car.  I'm still trying to make things work well, but the car seems to perform a bit better (although the car idles pretty high and dies sometimes, and I'm still thinking that maybe a new Moss supercharger is really what I need).

There are too many hoses, like the one with the wire nut clamped in one end (plugging a vacuum leak), but it's running:

mgb-sucarbs1.jpg (26819 bytes)

There seems to be enough clearance between the air cleaners and the brake booster:

mgb-sucarbs2.jpg (25330 bytes)

The combination of the thinner spacers and the conical K&N filters:

mgb-sucarbs3.jpg (22747 bytes) <
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