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These pictures were taken with an old digital camera just after sunset, so I apologize if they're a little fuzzy.


Front carb

Here's the plumbing to the front HIF-4 carb.


Carb linkage

The accelerator cable comes from the top and is connected to a pivoting stop in the middle. The stop used to be held on by a twist tie (hey, it worked for a long time). The choke cable comes up from the bottom and is fastened at the top to a bracket on the heat shield.


HIF-4 carbs

From the top, you can see most of the connections.


HIF-4 carbs

Another view from the top, showing the plumbing and linkages



A view of the carbs from above


Fuse box

Here are the connections to and near the fuse box. They're done as described in the Bentley wiring diagram for later North Americal cars. It was originally incorrect when I bought the car, and I didn't know until after the second time I replaced the wiring harness.



This is the Lucas sport coil. The connections come from a Petronix electronic ignition, so it's not quite stock.



The distributor is a Eurospec Lucas unit with a Petronix electronic ignition module. The package came from Brit-Tek. It seems to work well, I think.


Fuse box and friends

Another view of the fuse box and surrounding components



I didn't really crawl under the car (too messy), but most of the wires connect to the big terminal on the starter solenoid


A slightly different angle, but the same view of the greasy starter



A closer picture of the coil connections

Fuse box

One more view of the fuse box and the connections mostly on the right side (bad aim, sorry)


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