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MG Day 2000 was held on June 25 at the Museum of Transportation.  There seemed to be fewer cars than in the past two years, maybe because the weather forecasts kept changing.  It turned out to be a pretty nice day, if you don't mind hot and humid weather.


My car was actually fairly clean this year.  I spent the week before the show polishing and waxing (not the entire week, but a few minutes here and there between child care activities), so at least the outside looked nice.  The new carbs were working, although they really need to be tuned properly.  Debbie, Claire and Ben met me at the show, and Claire had a great time looking at some of the cars and twirling around.  It seemed like a risk proposal to take her around to look at the cars with me, as she doesn't understand that most owners don't want her to rub her hands on their car, so I waited until hey went home for naps before taking pictures.

So here's my car at another MG Day

A nice clean 1980 MGB (6/00)

It looks almost as shiny (but not as interesting) a the car next to it:

MGB lineup (6/00)

A 1979 MGB with a V8 conversion named "The Beast" was parked next to my car for the second year in a row.  Guess who drew more attention?

1979 B V8 (6/00)

This is the engine compartment of a 1966 MGB.  It won first place in its category.  I voted for it.

Mike Oliva's 1966 MGB (6/00)

Another view of the engine compartment.

Mike Oliva's 1966 MGB (6/00)

This 1969 MGB came in second:

1969B (6/00)

A view of its nice clean engine compartment:

1969B (6/00)

This is a 1961 MGA Twin Cam

1961 MGA Twin Cam (6/00)

It had a very interesting engine:

1961 MGA Twin Cam (6/00)

There were a number of MGAs at the show.

MGA line-up (6/00)

A 1951 MG TD

1951 MG TD (6/00)

A MG TF, not sure of the year

MG TF (6/00)

This is the engine bay of a 1979 MGB, third place winner in its class:

1979B (6/00)

A closer shot of the carb swap

1979 B carbs (6/00)

This 1975 MGB came in third in its class - nice wheels, and I like the black side trim:

1975 B (6/00)

Here is the engine compartment (he opened it for me after the votes were already in):

1975 MGB engine bay (6/00)

Same engine, different angle:

1975 MGB (6/00)

A 1973 MGB

1973 MGB (6/00)

Its engine bay:

1973 MGB (6/00)

Closer shot of the carb setup

1973 MGB carbs (6/00)

A larger view of the engine bay:

1973 MGB (6/00)

One more view of the 1973 B:

1973 MGB (6/00)

Last shot of the 1973 B (hey, my new carbs came from one, so I need the info):

1973 MGB (6/00)

Moving up to a 1974 MGB

1974 MGB (6/00)

Another view of the 74B:

1974 MGB (6/00)

And another:

1974 MGB (6/00)

And another:

1974 MGB (6/00)

And the last one:

1974 MGB (6/00)
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