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My car was still in the body shop getting some metal where rust (or air) had been, so it was nice to see some MGs.  The show was pretty lightly attended this year compared to the past few years; maybe everyone is getting new sills.  Ben (the one year old) and I enjoyed the show, and he made me buy some parts - what can I say, his face just lit up when he saw the LE-style air dam.  I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate from the Little British Car Company in the raffle, so (if you don't count the money I spent on parts) we came out ahead on the day!

I always liked this blue color; maybe when it's time to repaint...

mgd2001-77b-1.jpg (42000 bytes)

The same car (1977) from a different angle:

mgd2001-77b-2.jpg (36164 bytes)

This is a 1979 MGB with HS4 carbs.  A very neat job:

mgd2001-79b-1.jpg (33058 bytes)

Another neat engine bay (look how clean the wires are):

mgd2001-79b-2.jpg (59153 bytes)

This 1974 car also had some nice details:

mgd2001-74b-1.jpg (43137 bytes)

I liked the way everything was wrapped and tucked away:

mgd2001-74b-2.jpg (32301 bytes)

Same car, other side of the engine:

mgd2001-74b-3.jpg (27830 bytes)

Here's the engine bay of a 1974 BGT

mgd2001-74bgt-1.jpg (27469 bytes)

I believe the "extra" parts were for the air conditioning (sure does take up some space):

mgd2001-74bgt-2.jpg (28664 bytes)

Nice linkage; hopefully this will help me figure out if mine is correct:

mgd2001-74bgt-3.jpg (24493 bytes)
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