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A friend and I went to MG Day at the Museum of Transportation in Brookline, MA.  I was planning on just seeing the cars and maybe buying some parts, but they directed us into the registration line and before we knew it we were out on the field with the hood up, on display.  I hadn't washed the car since buying it, and although the engine compartment was cleaner than when I bought it, it was definitely not a show car.  I was happy to get a good parking spot, and the cost for registering was less than two walk-in admissions, so we were ahead of the game.

mgshow14.jpg (44411 bytes)

Here's a somewhat washed-out picture of the car on display.  The guys checking it out are probably saying, "What's that part, next to the rusty whatever?"   Actually, one person thought that the Cool Collar (basically, a heat sink for the oil filter) was so fascinating that he kept bringing people over to give him an opinion on what it was.  I disavowed all interest in the car, but found it interesting to hear what people thought it was.

Here are pictures (mostly of engine compartments, wiring and carburetors) of other cars:

These are pictures from a 1975 MGB.  He added a Weber sidedraft and a Crane electronic ignition. The sticker says "Question Internal Combustion", and the alternator is a GM police special: mgshow15.jpg (35605 bytes)

mgshow16.jpg (38139 bytes)

This is Paul's 1978 MGB: mgshow10.jpg (50500 bytes)

Another 1978 MGB, this one with a Weber sidedraft: mgshow13.jpg (48129 bytes)

mgshow12.jpg (47317 bytes)

This 1980 MGB looked to be totally stock.  The owner bought it new in 1980, kept it garaged, and only drove it during the warm months.  It had about 28000 miles on it.   He wasn't interested in selling it (we asked): mgshow18.jpg (39536 bytes)
The engine bay looks like the pictures in the manual: mgshow19.jpg (46923 bytes)
The part right in the middle (below the fuse box) is the one I can't figure out on my car.   Mine was not connected, with the white/brown wire left hanging and the green wire spliced into the brown wires attached to one of the line fuses.  I think it's a solenoid or circuit breaker for the fans, but I'm still trying to research it. (Update: It was a circuit breaker for the fans - I replaced it.) mgshow20.jpg (33168 bytes)
So this is what emissions equipment looks like when it hasn't been removed (by a previous owner, of course): mgshow21.jpg (47643 bytes)

This is a 1980 MGB LE, not too long after a professional restoration.  There's  a Weber downdraft, so it's not authentic, but it looks nice.  I was mostly interested in the hoses and cables, as the ones in my car seemed to be laid out in a less efficient manner:

mgshow24.jpg (43149 bytes)

mgshow25.jpg (45509 bytes)

mgshow26.jpg (45598 bytes)

mgshow27.jpg (35515 bytes)

mgshow28.jpg (51189 bytes)

This person had a 1974 MGB and had painted the wheels with a black enamel.  It looked pretty good (his car was black, so it matched): mgshow17.jpg (46818 bytes)
This was another Weber downdraft setup with the fuel line, vacuum advance line, and brake booster line neatly installed (unlike mine): mgshow23.jpg (36968 bytes)
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