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As you would expect, Claire's third year of life started with a birthday party.  We had an ice cream cake, and Claire made sure that everyone had a piece before she started eating.  First she ate Mommy's piece, then Daddy's piece, and finally she ate her own piece.  It's known as having your cake and eating everyone else's, too.

Birthday cake and candles for a two-year-old, 5/99


Yes, I look cute in silly hats (and no, this isn't a pose):

If she tosses the hat like Mary Tyler Moore I'm gonna lose it!, 6/99


Eating with Grandma is always fun:

Claire and Grandma in the kitchen, 5/99


Mommy and I were at a party and I didn't eat the entire buffet:

Claire and Mommy on the streets of Richmond, 5/99


Daddy, you need a shave, a tan, and a workout (and not in that order):

Claire and Daddy returning from the water, 6/99


I'll just sit here on the beach and enjoy the sun like Mommy (except without the hangover):

Claire at the beach, 6/99


Claire enjoyed driving at the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ:

Driving in Ocean City, 8/99


The cousins all had a good time at the shore (so did Pop Pop):

Poppop reading to the kids (8/99)


After a day at the beach, all the kids needed a good bath.  Luckily there wasn't much complaining:

Emily, Sam, and Claire in the tub (8/99)


For some reason, she and Sam are pretty cute together.  here they are in Sam's bed, sharing some quiet time:

Sam and Claire resting before the bris, 12/99


There was too much snow to shovel, but it was perfect for making snow angels:

claire52.jpg (24384 bytes)


Claire wanted to go skiing with Daddy on the big mountain.  Next year we'll ride the chair lift!

claire54.jpg (28093 bytes)


Ian and Sara came for their annual visit (Ian was busy at the moment):

claire53.jpg (28495 bytes)


Yes, we like these hats:

Out in the Maine woods (12/99)

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