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Claire made it to her third birthday!  She's a pretty typical three-year-old, asking too many questions and constantly testing her limits.


What's a birthday without a cake (ice cream cake; strawberry, of course):

Cake for a three year old (5/00)


At Hal's birthday party, Claire had more fun with the box than he did with the gift:

Claire in a box at Hal's party (5/00)


Claire is really enjoying her computer - her favorite titles are "Green Eggs and Ham" and "Just Grandma and Me":

Playing "Green Eggs and Ham" on the computer (6/00)


We went to the Philadelphia Zoo, where they had face painting.  Of all things, Claire wanted to be a pig:

claire-pig.jpg (39928 bytes)


Sharing a sweet moment, with condiments:

Claire and Daddy at the Phila Zoo (7/00)


Claire and mom lighting the Shabbat candles at school:

Claire as the Shabbat child (9/00)



Update as of 10/11: Claire went to the dentist for the first time today, and had a great time there.  She didn't have any cavities (I guess she doesn't take after her father).  She has been enjoying school, making new friends and eating.  She also just shed her diaper at night, and so far (two weeks later), so good.  Currently 39 inches, 31 lbs.


Claire enjoys making faces now and then:

Alex in "A Clockwork Oranbge" maybe? (3/01)


Being a good big sister, taking care of her little brother after his first haircut:

Ben's first haircut (3/01)



Update as of 11/30: Claire's favorite activity seems to be testing her parents.  She loves to push us just to see what she can get away with.  When she's good, she's very, very good, but...

On the bright side, she's really enjoying learning how to read.  She gets the letters right most of the time, and she can put the words together sometimes as well.  She also is very good with the computer, working the mouse very effectively.  Her programming skills are still under development.

Also, listen to what she's got to say now!


And we thought that the prom was years away:

Practicing for the prom (4/01)


Claire and Hanna had a great time together in Norfolk:

The girls before the Bar Mitzvah (4/01)


Painted like a kitty at Andrew's second birthday party:

I'm a kitty! (5/01)


On 3/23, she was about 42 inches and 33 lbs.  She really seems to have grown up over the past few months, more like a grown-up every day (although she still wants help wiping in the bathroom, which is pretty annoying already).  She loves Ben to the point of having to institute the "Three Second" rule, where she has to stop hugging him after three seconds.

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