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Well, she made it to her seventh birthday.  We were in Maine for the Memorial Day weekend, so we went to the playground, did a little shopping (bought a tent, mostly to play in), saw a movie (Shrek 2), had Shepherd's Pie for dinner, and made s'mores for dessert in the wood stove.  Life just doesn't get much better.


She spent some of the summer at day camp.  Here are some images of her talent show:

Dance (6.1 MB)

Dance (11.1 MB)

Dance (3.3 MB)

Song (5.5 MB)

Song (18.1 MB)

Song (11.1 MB)

Finale (12.4 MB)

Finale (11.5 MB)


These are large files, so you really need to love Claire to wait for them to download.

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